Monday did not go as planned.

There was a tornado warning.  Tornadoes really freak me out.

The movie was good, but very epic, thus long, and I ended up drinking one too many gins and tonic.  It was so long that there was no chance for post-film fun, it was just street-corner leave taking and hitting the road.

Then I might have bought Doritos.  No night that starts with service-station Doritos at 1 a.m. ends well.  It ends with Criminal Minds and a tummy ache.

My work.  Better not to speak about the dissertation that has me stuck stuck stuckity stuck.  Or the disappearing month of July.

Friends coming to visit.  On the one night other plans would be possible.  The friends are wonderful, caring, funny people whom I want to see very much and would not put off for the world.  I also want to spend the same evening with an unrelated, rather elusive person.  This will not work out.

When it rains, it pours.

I could cry from the frustration of it all.

But I won’t.  And I will stop whining.  Just had to get it all out.


This is also not going well.  I went up to size US6/4.00mm needles, which with the lace-weight yarn seem to produce a nice, airy fabric.  The first increase rounds were relatively painless, though I do hate working yarn overs at the end or beginning of each needle when using the magic loop method.  Then I started chart 1.  Now I have an extra stitch, though I could swear that I have the correct number of stitches and have followed the pattern to the letter.  Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

I’m not sure I have the strength to figure it out right now.  Instead, I think this is going into time out and I’ll start knitting something with stripes.

Thanks for bearing with the whine.

ETA: I’m going to go eat a burrito and commence to fake it until I make it.  The funk will lift.

bad day made better with stripes

Putting on my stripey shawl has already improved the day.  It is currently overcast with a 60% chance of thunderstorms and 83 degrees F here, so not perfect shawl weather.  But guess what?  Nashville can bite me.


8 thoughts on “whine.

  1. shawls and burritos have the power to make most things at least a teensy bit better. i think calling a time out on everything and being good to yourself today is the way to go. all the rest of it will be there for you to work on tomorrow. or the next day…

  2. Of course you have permission to whine when things aren’t that great. It’s part of being human y’know. 🙂 Just think about how exciting it is to have friends coming!

  3. Poor you! I’m really glad we don’t have Tornadoes in Germany – yet. I’m freaking out about a mere little thunderstorm. I agree with Amy – take a day or tow off, do something nice for yourself, knit something soothing / stripey and don’t think about your thesis. There will be better days!

  4. Poor you. Sounds like me when I was trying to finish my PhD… I hated it, really hated it (I got rid of everything that was related to it as soon as it was finished except for the book). But think of when it is finished, life is so much better – you have weekends and evenings free! There is a life after your dissertation, and believe me it is great – knowing what you achieved!

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