when in doubt: knit.

The spectacular explosion of grump that took over yesterday seems to have subsided.  I suspect that a quiet day, stripes, and some sleep was the magic combination for feeling better this morning.  Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments.

While grumping, I did manage some knitting.  Nothing spectacular, but as predicted, stipes were the answer.

silky ishbel, modified

silky ishbel, modified

silky ishbel, modified

Another modified Ishbel, this time in Sundara Fingering Silky Merino (graphite) and Malabrigo Sock (ochre).  The mods: stripes, (mirrored) M1R/M1L increases down the center every 4th row for an even shallower, wider shawl.  We’ll see how the experiment turns out.

I’ve had the Silky Merino in the stash since the fall … and have, predictably, been hoarding it ever since, waiting for the perfect project for such a fancy, expensive yarn.  Yeah, perfect projects don’t exist.  But bad days do.

The silk content makes this yarn quite slippery and I’m not sure about the gauge yet … it might be a bit loose.  I prefer my shawls drapey, but I do like a bit of backbone to them.  I shall now employ Famous Last Words and declare that this should be okay …

In other news, I figured out chart 1 and have merrily knit my way through over half of it.

Violet Beauregarde

Violet Beauregarde

In honor of the funny little star flower thingamabobs (I know, I know they’re the LoTR element) I’m calling this version Violet Beauregarde.  They kinda look like violets and there’s something over-the-top about this shawl that kinda reminds me of that very obnoxious little girl.


4 thoughts on “when in doubt: knit.

  1. clearly i need more stripes and more yellow in my life. thank you for helping me to see that.

  2. Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Yellow and grey has been so big lately, and I love it! BTW, that shawl is looking gorgeous, and the flowery bits are beautiful.

  3. Stripes are indeed the answer – especially – yellow and grey stripes.

    The flower things are pretty. Have fun with the rest of the shawl.

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