this would be how this week ends


I have 286 stitches on the needles.  Too bad I’m supposed to have 288.  I don’t know when, where, what went wrong.  Personally, I’d like to think that somehow the rules of mathematics or physics or whatever branch of abstract thought would cover this have suddenly changed … and today 144 x 2 = 286.

This has been a grumpy week.  And I didn’t know how right I was when I named the shawl Violet Beauregarde.  As late as this afternoon I’d considered changing it, thinking that I had been too harsh and that such an annoying little girl had actually very little to do with such a lovely piece of lace.

Good thing I already had a Tom Collins poured and ready to go.


4 thoughts on “this would be how this week ends

  1. if tom collins did math, he’d definitely come up with 286 as the correct answer to that equation. here’s hoping the weekend turns things around!

  2. Besides from the missing stitches, the shawl looks like a good way to end the week. Mine will probably end with zombies…

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