looking up, again


A little bright yellow shawl progress — frank ochre style — seems like a good way to start a Monday.  With the soothing powers of Tom Collins to guide me, I found my lost stitch (darn missed yarn over) and got everything back on track.  For now.  Because I’m certain that Violet still has some surprises in store for me.

I’ve only gotten through a few rounds of chart 2; we’ll see how much farther I get before school starts (!!).  Friends to visit on Saturday — and a very demanding itinerary of browsing, eating, and country-music-listening — prevented much progress this weekend.  The sad reality of the work I have to do might just prevent much progress this week.



That’s right.  It’s already, unbelievably August: time for getting back to school and lamenting the end of another summer, gone too soon.  July was a good month, I’d like it back.


3 thoughts on “looking up, again

  1. I love the close-up picture. The yarn is beautiful, it is going to be really lovely. A whole month off is bliss, that’s probably why I was a student for as long as I could… Now I am lucky to have 2 weeks off in a row!

  2. Isn’t it great finding lost stitches? Mine are usually yarn overs too…

    Have an extra fun time before school starts back up.

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