still boring.


still boring

Here we are at round 36 … only 18 more rounds until … 2/3 of the way to … chart 3.

Not that I’m complaining, part of me really likes the highway hypnosis stage of knitting lace: knit and knit and knit and eventually you arrive somewhere new, but without any idea of how you got there.  It was kinda like that last night.

And considering that there’s a heat advisory until Thursday and today’s heat index is supposed to be 109 or something crazy, it’s probably better that I have plenty of indoor activities to keep me busy.

still boring

Right now, though, it’s just a blob.  Maybe, to mix things up, I’ll switch to a longer cable.  Whoa.  Slow down.

Also, I really want to knit this.  Because it does, and almost has for another year.

still boring

Look: tiny leaves and big leaves too!

In other news, Nasvhille is slowly rubbing off on me.  Not only do I consider Robert’s Western World more fun than it should be, but I’ve recently developed a fondness for George Strait.  Seriously.  (Okay, my new favorite radio station — WSM 650 AM, radio home of the Grand Ole Opry — is playing something by a band called Yarn … everyday is an adventure here.)

In other other news: I’d like to ask for some recommendations.  My camera is finally getting on my nerves enough (and is old enough) to consider replacing it … the main problem being it’s inability to handle low light … which is pretty much my apartment all the time.  You can see the problem.  So any suggestions for a not-too-expensive (read: pretty cheap) digital camera that takes decent pictures (not fuzzy and grainy) in low light?  And has a macro setting?