How about a weekend wrap up?

Here’s Ms. Beauregarde, who has very little to show for herself.  At 560 stitches, this is point when I begin to wonder why I ever started this project.

Also, I’m concerned that I’m knitting a Utah Jazz jersey, circa the mid-eighties to the mid-ninties.  Not a particularly good ten years for basketball fashions.

chart 3

In reaction to the Beauregarde boredom, my silky Ishbel (modified) has been getting a lot more attention.  And by a lot, I mean this is what I knit during two different Criminal Minds marathons over the weekend.  The gauge is really loose and I’m still slightly worried about the resulting fabric, though not quite enough to rip and reknit.  But I do have a feeling that the miracle of blocking will need to happen in a big way.  Look at all those wonky stitches.

more stripes

In other news, The Magnificent Seven is pretty great, especially in conjunction with Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai.  And let’s just say it: Steve McQueen knows how to wear a pair of chaps.

In more other news, one of my best friends — who spent the summer not in Nashville — is coming back tomorrow and I’m so excited!  I’ve been lucky enough to find wonderful friends in all of the places I’ve lived, but I feel particularly lucky to have found such a good one right here in Nashville.  And we have a summer’s worth of catching up to do!


4 thoughts on “Monday

  1. The Utah Jazz thing had NEVER occurred to me, so I bet you’re safe! The stripey Ishbel number is really pretty — it’s going to be perfect for fall.

    Hurray for friends getting back into town. My closest friend is off on a Fulbright until November, and I miss her dreadfully (9 months is a looong time).

  2. The knitting is beautiful – I love the color combination in Ms Beauregard even if its a sport team color.

    Have fun with your friend!

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