fo : braincloud

fo : brain:cloud

This super-quick, super-easy project didn’t exactly fly off the needles, but it did go pretty darn fast.  The handspun was wonderful to work this, the pattern simple to follow and memorize.  Perfect knitting for a tired brain.

And speaking of tired, the semester hasn’t even started and I’m already feeling over scheduled … never a good sign.  Also, I’m pretty sure I don’t get to knit while teaching German 103.  Sigh.

fo : brain:cloud

fo : brain:cloud

Now with happy kitty feet: Alice approved!

fo : brain:cloud


5 thoughts on “fo : braincloud

  1. I completely understand the over scheduled part.

    I love the open drape of the garter stitch. Maybe that’s what Alice likes too.

  2. So pretty! I need to be better about actually using the precious handspun yarn in my stash. Best of luck with fall-quarter craziness…

  3. Brain cloud. Evokes the fuzzy brain feeling or perhaps brain fog. Quite a suitable project for feeling tired before the semester even starts… Hope everything works out for you!

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