first day of school

first day of school

Back home, Pimm’s Cup in hand.  It was a good day.

Let’s just not talk about how it was also the first day of my fifteenth semester of grad school.  (Secretly, I’m not horrified.)

They say you learn something new every time you teach.  Well, consider me enlightened: not only do I still get nervous, but it turns out 18 year-old boys will look down your shirt if you wear a v-neck.  Duly noted.

Good thing the rooster introduced me to a project with no shortage of coverage: Idlewood.


7 thoughts on “first day of school

  1. i’m with you on that pimm’s cup. a mighty fine idea. also, a friend of mine, in the process of trying to get students to think about gender/categories/etc and realizing that she needed to back up and cover some basics, asked a room full of college kids, “so, what makes me a woman?” (a noticeable shift in the [mostly male] gaze downward.) riiiiight.

    happy first day of school!

  2. My boyfriend will look down my shirt no matter what I’m wearing. He’s the boyfriend though.

    Good luck with the second day of school.

  3. glad your first day went well. Your experience with the 18-year olds reminded me of one of pupils inviting me for to be his date for the rugby grad ball … I look young, not that young!

  4. I’m really glad I will be able to wear a top with maximum coverage by the time the semester will start here 😉 Being a teacher made me very clothes-consious (is that a word?)… Pimm’s: Prost!

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