three days

monday.  sigh.

Dear Semester,

Hi, it’s me Katie M.  You know, the old one with no stamina, a serious need for regular beauty sleep, and some pretty sweet bags from Switzerland?  Yeah.  That one.  Um, could we make a deal?  You know, maybe you could take it a bit easy on me this year?  I mean, I can handle the seminars and the teaching, even if you did throw in exams and a dissertation to write like I wouldn’t notice.  Okay, I get that.  That’s what I get paid for.  I saw it coming.  And planning the conference was totally my own fault.  But how about no curve balls?  No heartbreak?  No rashes or sinus infections?  No weeks of Doritos for dinner?  Could we just agree on that?  And plenty of time for knitting.  That would be awesome.

With love, esteem, affection, and just a hint of passive aggression,

Katie M.

I think a letter to Santa might be more effective.

Ah well, just look at all this cowl!  It was the perfect weekend knitting for a brain too tired to focus on anything more complex than Bad Girls Club and Bridezillas.  I’ve still got a good few inches to go (so big and cowly!) …




… and a magically non-shrinking gigantor ball of ecowool.  It will last forever!


9 thoughts on “three days

  1. drooling over that awesome bag. i love neatly organized school supplies, books, folders, etc. also, i love your cowling. ecowool is the perfect choice. and yes, a letter to santa might be a better idea…

  2. Hmmm… I think just putting it down on paper (virtual or otherwise) helps! Good luck with your busy semester.

    I’m teaching a writing seminar this year (meh, but at least it’s a good paycheck), and I’m going to miss teaching language classes.

  3. Looks like a Freitag bag ! Is it? I’m dreading Octobre when the semster will start for real here… Have a good week!

  4. That cowl DOES look snuggly. And the first picture really makes me want to go back-to-school office supply shopping… Is it too late to head to OfficeMax? Now I’m gonna go look up how late it’s open…

  5. Good luck dealing with the rest of the semester. Maybe it’ll actually follow some of the letter?

    Oh Bridezilla, I can’t resist watching that show sometimes. Definitely wouldn’t be able to with a giant everlasting ball of Eco Wool.

  6. Good luck with the semester – I am getting caught up on blogs and wanted to say that the shawl you just finished is very pretty – beautiful color!

    I hope this semester doesn’t have any surprises for you and that things go well!

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