why am i showing you this?

Photo 29

Today was a day sponsored by rampant dumbassery.  It didn’t start that way, I even managed to get up early … which is probably why it ended with me inadvertently changing the combination on my laptop lock, thus very securely attaching my computer to my campus desk.  This was not good.

This was very bad.  This was hacksaw, bolt cutter bad.

I grit my teeth and settled in to try out all 729 possible combinations.  (Please don’t tell me if my math is wrong.  It is probably wrong.  All I know is that it had to be a depressingly large number.)  Sweet healing power of wool, what needed to click clicked at #128.  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I’d just turned on Bachelor Pad and was sure I was in for a tedious couple of hours.

So that’s why I’m showing you a picture of my computer, safe at home with me in my pajamas.  The only question that remains: What can tomorrow bring?


6 thoughts on “why am i showing you this?

  1. Glad you made it, Houdini! (Thank goodness I don’t chain my notenbook to the desk… this would happen to me very often… )Tomorrow will be a better day!

  2. I’m glad you got the lock figured out relatively easily .. um. Honestly, that’s one of my fears with one of those locks, though I need one. Actually, when I had to buy lock at the last minute while flying this summer, I also worried either my choice wouldn’t work or would somehow change itself or …

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