boring cowl progress


Well, that’s not quite true.  I’ve moved past the cowl …


… and am now working on the body.  The waist decreases, to be exact.


All of that sweet disappearing EcoWool.  So far, so good with the project: it’s knitting up super quickly — or would be if only I had more knitting time –, the pattern is easy to follow, the wool is a rustic, full-bodied woolly dream.  I can’t wait to finish this up and then wait (impatiently) for fall to arrive.

Then I’ve got so many EcoWool sweater projects that I want to start: stripes!, twenty ten, OWLS … and, and, and.  Oh my!  You’d think I lived somewhere that offered both extended severe winters and ample time for knitting.  Neither of these things is true.  And yet, hope will not die.

Which is not unrelated to something else that arrived in the mail: yarn!

sock hop in free bird

The Crown Mountain Farms sock hop yarn club never fails to make my day when I find some new handspun lovely in my mailbox.  This is called Free Bird and will — someday — become something extra purty.


6 thoughts on “boring cowl progress

  1. I love Crow Mountain Farm – although I’m only in for their fibre 🙂 yay sweater progress! Have a good week!

  2. not boring at all! i have not separated for the sleeves yet — but i am staying with a friend this weekend and did not allow myself to bring it. instead, i’ve returned to kerrera…but i will be knitting away on it again very soon, as it is cool and rainy here, and i want to snuggle inside that hood! and oh my, that sock hop. so pretty. now i want to spin some of that fiber!

  3. The cowl is looking awesome! I love Eco Wool. I actually got to curl up in my Eco Wool hemlock ring the other night, and it was just heavenly.

    I’d love to make an OWLS cardigan, but my poor frazzled brain isn’t up for making the pattern adjustments right now. Way too much to do…

  4. I was wondering why you were working on a cowl for ages, now it makes so much more sense.

    I kind of want to knit an OWLS myself but I’m not sure I’d wear it. Sure I have the severe winter for one more winter (at least), but will it look good on me? And do I have ample time for knitting? Apparently… not so much right now.

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