yeah, it was that kind of day

Photo 30

So summer is not over in Nashville.  I’m beginning to think it might be here to stay.  Forever.  And ever.  It’s pretty lame, really: I’ve got all of these kicky shawls and shawlettes I can only wear indoors … where the air conditioning is set at “frostbite”.  Then I wander out-of-doors — to go to class, buy some gummy bears, make copies, commit acts of tom foolery in front of my students — only to find myself over dressed.

That might be why I’m kissing my beer at the end of a very. long. day.  In which I tried — and failed — to vanquish Faust I.  I might have knit a row and a half of my Idlewood.  The cowl is complete, the body is in an advanced state of shaping, and all systems are a go.

Except fall isn’t here yet.