where have i been?

A good question.  It seems like the semester has claimed all of my free moments and scheduled meetings.  Meetings to which I cannot bring my knitting.

Good thing I decided to dedicate Saturday to catching up on all kinds of useless television.  As a result, my Idlewood is getting pretty darn long.  You might not be able to tell, but I’m almost through the waist shaping.  After that, it’s smooth sailing through some stockinette …



In other news, Jodi totally inspired a bout of copycat-itis.  Have you seen her lovely Whippoorwill?  I not only saw it, but immediately copied it.

Remember my silky stripey Ishbel?  Yeah.  It wasn’t really working out and I finally had to face facts: the guage was too loose, the shape too shallow … it was time to let it go.  That Sundara yarn is just too pretty to waste on a project that wasn’t coming together.

So I ripped and immediately cast on:


Much better.

In other news, it’s finally cooled off here just enough for my poor often-wilted garden to perk up.  They’re hiding, but those plants have peppers on them!  My tomatoes are still MIA, but I’m holding out hope …



3 thoughts on “where have i been?

  1. sigh. i wish i could bring my knitting to academic meetings. maybe when i have tenure? idlewood looks awesome, and i totally approve of copying jodi. i think about doing it all the time. your garden looks so happy!

  2. I would not have made it through a number of classes and meetings without knitting. It was probably the only thing keeping me awake. Anyway…

    The garden is looking good and the basil looks especially happy.

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