please ignore the quality of these pictures

That’s right, Nashville.  Look who’s wearing wool:


Deal with it.

Fall has arrived, however tentatively, and I couldn’t be happier about the shift to cooler temperatures.  Breaking out the wool was a bit optimistic of me — I was about half-way through my mile-and-a-half walk to campus this morning (at 8:30!) before the shawl came off and I admitted defeat — but still, the mere fact that I made it out the door with something wooly around my neck is a good sign.

Also, look what followed me to school the other day:

Photo 31

Yep, Ms. Beauregarde.  I haven’t forgotten about you, but boy are you going to take a while.  Yesterday was an especially long and tedious one; this was my treat to keep the boring at bay.  Worked like a charm.