what a difference a (satur)day makes

The thing about grad school — and the thing about life, I guess, though I do know more about the former — is that you’ve got to have boundaries.  Saturday is my boundary.

It’s my day off, my day for useless television, pottering around the house, knitting … basically, whatever I want to do.  Maybe I’ll want to do some work.  Chances are, I’ll want to spend the day on the couch watching the Jersey Shore, eating bad Chinese food from the place down the street (I do not recommend the Sweet & Sour Chicken, wider horizons must be explored), and finishing up a woolly tunic.

So, um, three guesses what I did yesterday.


Here we are at the full 18″ length.  I finished the body last night — for some reason those last few inches just dragged on and on –, dutifully completed the 5 rounds of garter stitch specified in the pattern, bound off in a stretchy fashion.  Then, in a moment of foresight, I tried it on.  Hmmm.  The good news: the cowl is awesome and the fit is perfect (my half-arsed modifications to compensate for wonky gauge paid off).  The not-so-good news: it needs to be just a teeny bit longer.

I have a long torso, which I did not take adequately into account.  So rip back I did.  I’m thinking that another 2 inches should do it, just to make it look more like a tunic and not a slightly subtly long sweater.  Also, this bugger is warm.  I might have to learn to embrace the cotton blended wools if I’m to have a versatile Nashville cardigan collection.


On the road again.  I can’t wait to get it finished.  Too bad Sunday is not a day off …


4 thoughts on “what a difference a (satur)day makes

  1. love. can’t wait to see more pictures of this — you’re so close! and i hear you about boundaries, and i love the idea of a day off – but this rooster did too much playing last weekend and needs to find a way to keep working. (i did just take boh to hang out with his favorite dog and people friends so that we could deliver the windschief, so i guess that counts as non-work…) your completed idlewood is totally going to jumpstart mine. i can tell.

  2. Knitting sweaters is perfect stuff for lazy days off. Course, I also do a bit of it on busy days.

    Sometimes, boundries are good things.

  3. Oh it’s looking great! I wholeheartedly endorse this day off business- crucial for ones mental health (and one’s knitting – I believe there’s a direct correlation there).

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