the semester didn’t listen.

Even after I asked so very nicely.

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broken heart: 1, katie: 0

I’m told — and do know — that it gets better.  But right now it hurts like heck.

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All things considered, it was time to move on.  So I’m going to grab my bright yarn — my one true woolly love — and continue on with my pretty shawl.

As soon as I saw the Two Lights pattern I knew that it might be the one for my precious Naturwolle.  I decided to change the garter stitch to stockinette, which is certainly less architectural/ textural, but might suit the crazy yarn slightly better.

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Par for the course, it looks like I’ll run out.  But seriously, a little bit more of my favorite yarn might be just the ticket right now.


5 thoughts on “the semester didn’t listen.

  1. Oh no… I vote for more yarn, spending some time outside, plenty of tea, or something else that makes you happy. Now that is some cheerful yarn!

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