back to the drawing board

… in knitting, as in life.

I took a critical look at how my Two Lights shawl was shaping up last night and decided that the stockinette, though nicely showing off the crazy yarn, was perhaps not the best choice for a shawl with a raw top edge.

2 lights

Yep, we got a whole lotta roll going on.  So this morning I took the plunge and ripped.

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After an evening spent with a friend — she took good care of me, sent me home with leftovers, and kept on saying all the right things –, a movie, and some false confidence, I ended up sobbing along to Phil Collins in the middle of the night.  A bright morning with a new start was in order.

Especially as tonight is our first “we’re just friends/ he doesn’t want a relationship” try out.  What I want?  To get this first hurdle behind me and figure out where I’m going.  Because Phil Collins is not a long-term solution.

[Seriously, WSM, George Jones?  I’m working with a precarious equalibrium as it is.]

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2 lights

Thanks for all of your kind comments.  I’m taking it easy this weekend, going slow and enjoying lots of quiet.

Now it’s time to cast on again, get some essays corrected, and finish up that conference paper.