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Yesterday, I got down to the business of casting on (again) my Two Lights shawl.  This yarn has seen so many different projects, so many different incarnations as cardigan-shawl-cardigan-yoke-shawl that I’m not sure it isn’t part shape shifter.  It’s held up like a dream, but honestly I’m not much worried if it shows a bit of wear and tear.  After all, we’ve been through a lot, this yarn and I.  And I think it’s only fitting that it’s this particular wool that’s going to accompany me through the first unhappy mending of my sore self.

again ...

Last night was okay.  It didn’t end with Phil Collins, so that seems like a success.  Again, thanks for all of the support; I promise to stop navel gazing — at least on the internet — soon.

My true concern, at the moment though, is gauge.  I measured this morning — as figured over slightly stretched garter stitch (?) — and it seems like I’m pretty close, close enough for a shawl anyway.  Then, or rather just now, I remembered that because of the way the shawl is constructed — from one end to the other — I need to measure row gauge.  Those stitches are laying sideways.  Ooops.  It might be time to start over once again.  Because I am way, way, way off.

again ...

At least I’m keeping busy.


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