this morning

This morning I finally slept in.  That’s all I wanted to do over the tiny two-day break that took me to Ohio, and I made the dream come true this morning.  I love nothing more than a lazy slow morning, the kind that the semester just doesn’t allow.

But today, it was the perfect way to start my no-seminar Tuesday: a lazy morning in my comfy new bed (a real mattress!  so grown up!!  especially as it’s all for my old-lady-achey hip …), a little quality time with some coffee and my favorite wool, a late start to campus.

Though I’m slightly disappointed that sleeping in for me now means 8:30.  Sigh.

2 lights

2 lights

Of course, this wool is worth waking up for.  Why do I love it so much?  I could just knit, frog, re-knit this wool forever … I don’t really care if it never becomes anything other than the yarn I love to knit in a million different ways.  Is it because of the colors?  Or because I bought when I first started knitting, during a very happy summer in Vermont?

I am kinda falling in love with the shawl, despite the weird foldy nature of the garter-stitch edging.  I might have to buy more wool.  Because I might want a vest.

2 lights

2 lights

2 lights

In other news, I haven’t forgotten about the Idlewood.  I’ve got to finish lengthening the body, finish the sleeves, and add the pockets.  It should really only take me a day or two, so why am I dragging my feet?

idlewood, revised


5 thoughts on “this morning

  1. oof. i hear you on the sleeping in — i might have accidentally done that. just closed my eyes for a minute after turning off the alarm, and then it was 8 am. glad there’s someone else out there who has such an “early” sleep-in wake-up time. makes me feel cooler. or something. and that wool is stunning. and i love how it looks. and there is nothing wrong with an entire wardrobe of this stuff. (wouldn’t a mara be awesome?)

  2. There’s nothing better in this whole wide world than sleeping in. And in a comfortable bed? I predict a few more of these mornings, some unintentional!

    I can’t wait to see these knits all done up.

  3. I love being able to sleep in though I have the feeling that 8:30 will be my late morning too.

    The shawl and the colors seem like a perfect match.

  4. Beautiful colours!
    And a lie-in is definitely one of life’s simple pleasures – I find it almost impossible to sleep in myself, so whenever I do manage it it’s a huge achievement and such a luxury. And yep, 8.30 is a huge lie-in for me too. Actually, 7.30 is kind of a lie in…! Well, here’s to lazy slow mornings, full of coffee and wool… in fact, it’s usually to facilitate such mornings that I hop out of bed at the crack of dawn 🙂

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