Have you ever had one of those days?

Yeah.  Me too.  The bad news: I spent the day smelling like icy hot (surprisingly mintyfresh), rubbing on a fresh coat every so often in the women’s bathroom.  The worse news: I have become my grandmother.  Hip pain.  Physical therapy.  Satin sleeping cap.

Photo 37

Even Alice doesn’t want to be seen with me.

Photo 38

Photo 39

At least my hair will look nice.  High five!

Photo 40

In other news, I’ve been making a bit of progess: what you can’t see here is that there’s one round of garter-stitch edging completed.

Shut up.  That baby blue satin is so my color.


4 thoughts on “silly.

  1. thank you for this. i am smiling. and i just got home from proctoring a long exam, which ran dangerously close to bedtime. yay for an almost-done idlewood. and that friday will soon be here.

  2. haha. love your new look! baby blue looks good on you – don’t stop at the satin cap. how’s about a blue rinse? (is that just a british thing?)
    my hips are no good either. sigh. at least we will always have our knitting to keep us young….

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