pockets | blocking | bathing

The title really says it all.  Last night I sat down and finished up Idlewood: there was really no excuse not to … since I only had to finish off the sleeves and weave in the ends.

This morning I got busy on the pockets.  Though I briefly considered being totally lame and not knitting the pockets, I soon came to my senses and realized that they really made the sweater for me.  Besides, it’s not like they were going to require all that much effort.  So while the body was soaking, I cast on …


Now I’m just waiting (impatiently) for it to dry.  Alice, of course, thought all of that sheepy goodness was meant for her.  There was rolling and rubbing and some purring, before she settled in for a good bath.  On top of wet wool.  Silly girl.


It looks like the weather might be thinking about maybe cooling down a little here sometime this week (please?), so I might even get a chance to wear this before Christmas.  All to the good.

I’ve been feeling a bit on the mopey side these last few days — seems like my Gloria Gaynor impersonation finally ran out of steam — and, as a result, I’m trying to be extra nice to myself … to keep the gloom at bay.  I think a fancy new sweater would be just the ticket.


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