in other news

Perhaps this is a violation of my own internet-privacy rules, but …

Why did I it take me getting not-dumped to hear about the Scissor Sisters?  Seriously, I have got to get out more.  And get not-dumped less.

You’re welcome.

I have a feeling my life would be very, very different if I could bust a move like the guy in the purple PVC.



All that’s missing is the pockets.  And yet … predictably, I just can’t seem to gather quite enough enthusiasm to look up the best way to sew on some pockets.  Then actually sew them on, getting all of the fiddly little details matched up and balanced out.


I never know how honest and open to be on the internet, but these last few weeks have been an especially rough, harried, patch.  In fact, I’d like October back and I’d like it to be different.  It’s been hard.  And when life is hard, I want knitting to be where I find pleasure.  Not more complications.  So that’s what’s going on with the pockets.  I’ll get there.