back to the drawing board

… in knitting, as in life.

I took a critical look at how my Two Lights shawl was shaping up last night and decided that the stockinette, though nicely showing off the crazy yarn, was perhaps not the best choice for a shawl with a raw top edge.

2 lights

Yep, we got a whole lotta roll going on.  So this morning I took the plunge and ripped.

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After an evening spent with a friend — she took good care of me, sent me home with leftovers, and kept on saying all the right things –, a movie, and some false confidence, I ended up sobbing along to Phil Collins in the middle of the night.  A bright morning with a new start was in order.

Especially as tonight is our first “we’re just friends/ he doesn’t want a relationship” try out.  What I want?  To get this first hurdle behind me and figure out where I’m going.  Because Phil Collins is not a long-term solution.

[Seriously, WSM, George Jones?  I’m working with a precarious equalibrium as it is.]

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Thanks for all of your kind comments.  I’m taking it easy this weekend, going slow and enjoying lots of quiet.

Now it’s time to cast on again, get some essays corrected, and finish up that conference paper.


the semester didn’t listen.

Even after I asked so very nicely.

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broken heart: 1, katie: 0

I’m told — and do know — that it gets better.  But right now it hurts like heck.

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All things considered, it was time to move on.  So I’m going to grab my bright yarn — my one true woolly love — and continue on with my pretty shawl.

As soon as I saw the Two Lights pattern I knew that it might be the one for my precious Naturwolle.  I decided to change the garter stitch to stockinette, which is certainly less architectural/ textural, but might suit the crazy yarn slightly better.

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Par for the course, it looks like I’ll run out.  But seriously, a little bit more of my favorite yarn might be just the ticket right now.

what a difference a (satur)day makes

The thing about grad school — and the thing about life, I guess, though I do know more about the former — is that you’ve got to have boundaries.  Saturday is my boundary.

It’s my day off, my day for useless television, pottering around the house, knitting … basically, whatever I want to do.  Maybe I’ll want to do some work.  Chances are, I’ll want to spend the day on the couch watching the Jersey Shore, eating bad Chinese food from the place down the street (I do not recommend the Sweet & Sour Chicken, wider horizons must be explored), and finishing up a woolly tunic.

So, um, three guesses what I did yesterday.


Here we are at the full 18″ length.  I finished the body last night — for some reason those last few inches just dragged on and on –, dutifully completed the 5 rounds of garter stitch specified in the pattern, bound off in a stretchy fashion.  Then, in a moment of foresight, I tried it on.  Hmmm.  The good news: the cowl is awesome and the fit is perfect (my half-arsed modifications to compensate for wonky gauge paid off).  The not-so-good news: it needs to be just a teeny bit longer.

I have a long torso, which I did not take adequately into account.  So rip back I did.  I’m thinking that another 2 inches should do it, just to make it look more like a tunic and not a slightly subtly long sweater.  Also, this bugger is warm.  I might have to learn to embrace the cotton blended wools if I’m to have a versatile Nashville cardigan collection.


On the road again.  I can’t wait to get it finished.  Too bad Sunday is not a day off …


That pretty much sums it up.

It’s been a long week, the kind of long week that seems to be quickly becoming the status quo for this semester.  C’est la vie and all that fanciness, but boy I could use a lazy day off.  I tend to make my own on Saturday, but a workshop on campus just might interfere with that plan this afternoon … not to mention that surprise presentation for Tuesday.  (So, you know, if you happen to have any insights into Faust II, please: don’t be shy.  Because I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to spend my 8-10 minutes discussing lace knitting.  Though: yum!)  Hmm.

So, to nip the Debby Downer in the bud, I’ve decided to focus on all the good stuff.  (At least in public and on the internet.)  Like the sunshine, nip in the air, fluffy kitty love, clean kitchen, and wool!  Also, Berroco cardigans.  These should all be celebrated.

Let’s start with the good stuff: here’s my Idlewood (which I’ve somehow renamed Wildwood in my head … as in Wildwood, New Jersey: a friend and I stayed next door over in Stone Harbor a couple of times … ah, fond memories of October down the Shore) almost finished.  Just three more inches, a little bit of sleeve action, and a bit of finishing: woo!  I’m really excited to get this finished up and on my body.  Soon.  Very soon.

Don’t disappoint me with a warming trend, Nashville.

getting there ...

Also, kinda like the Rooster, I might have accidentally stumbled into Socktober.  In fact, I’d forgotten about Socktoberfest until I read her post this morning.  Not that Socktober amnesia stopped me from wandering into my local yarn store yesterday and picking up something pretty to knit a pair of socks.

ultra alpaca

I don’t know why, but somehow I’ve been having dreams of lavender lately.  Something about the color … I have visions of a tweedy soft giant shawl in some kind of almost shocking shade.  This post just tipped me over the edge.

In any case, it was time for a treat lavender or not.  Summer finances didn’t even approach semi-optimal, with at least one unfortunate surprise thrown in, so I had to put on my big girl pants, make a budget, and decide that cat food and bills came before pretty yarn.  With the year’s first real paycheck safely deposited, I wasted no time in getting to the yarn store.

Also, it was Friday at the end of a long week.  A half an hour spent petting yarn and dreaming woolly thoughts was the only answer.

ultra alpaca

All things considered, I was very restrained.  Even though I have many a wild sugar-plum-like dream of endless fall cardigans and woolly shawls dancing in my head, I was able to stay firmly grounded in reality while browsing: I left with two skeins of Ultra Alpaca in “lavender mix”.  Just what the doctor ordered.

ultra alpaca

Alice agrees.  Actually, the color is much more accurate with the kitty sun shade on duty.