good morning

I don’t want to jinx it, but I’m pretty sure fall has finally come to Nashville.  To celebrate, I decided to knit a new shawl.
good morning

And drink coffee out of a new mug.  It’s very yellow and though it’s been hibernating on a shelf in my kitchen for some time now (as part of my souvenir mug collection), this morning it seemed like a good way to start the day.  I feel like a bit of a cheat because I’ve never actually been to the Mystery Spot, but my sister assures me that it is indeed as awesome as it sounds.  And she’s been … and she bought me the mug … so it’s someone’s souvenir, at the very least.
good morning

But the real interest is next to the mug: Terra in that very lilac Ultra Alpaca I bought a while ago.  So far, it’s a dream: squooshy and soft with lovely heathered depths; easy enough to knit while reading, and just enough variety to prevent wandering away.  Actually, I find knitting to be the perfect way to get through some otherwise, um, difficult academic reading … I don’t necessarily want to keep reading, but I do want to keep knitting.  “Just one more row” = “just a few more sentences/ pages/ chapters”.  That’s how I got through some Judith Butler (whom I like very much but who is not know for her transparent prose stylings) on Sunday.  Everyone wins.

But especially me.  New shawl on the way + completed reading in the works = very happy day.  Now, I have to get to physical therapy, where they do not let me knit.  In fact, last time it was me and a very large man who called me “grad student”.  Is this how some athletes feel in literature seminars?  I was definitely a fish looking for some water.


4 thoughts on “good morning

  1. That Terra pattern looks great, and so does your choice of yarn! I am not very good at following patterns and reading (as in rubbish), amazed at people who can multi-task like that!

  2. Ah, Judith Butler. Not exactly the easy read (though I’ve heard that some of her more recent stuff is much easier to get through). She sure is brilliant, though.

  3. i am going to cast on my terra very, very soon. love the purple, love the mug, love that fall has finally arrived in your part of the world.

  4. Ooh, I want to make a terra! i’ve got some ultra alpaca, too, I think, if I can only find where I put it…

    Have never read Judith Butler but would love to – in my previous incarnation i studied philosophy and I miss the *thought* that comes with it. Nowadays I don’t so much *think* about what I read as try desperately to memorise every last enzyme of it, but there’s not a great deal of concentration involved in the reading itself. I miss difficult reading!

    That mystery spot place sounds totally nutso!

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