get happy!!

How could one be anything but with so many apples?


I love apples.  So much.  And fall is their time to shine.

October was the month of the funk — and not in a good way — and my sister gently reminded me the other day that I was becoming something of a drag.  An espeically worrywartish grandmother might have been mentioned.  It’s time to turn this around, people.

All of that to say, I went to the farmers’ market downtown last weekend and bought lots of apples.  Then I finally tracked down the giant map of Tennessee in Bicentennial Park and wondered anew at the weirdness tucked away in unlikely corners all over Nashville.


It was a busy week and these guys — 4 varieties I think: Cortland, Winesap, Arkansas Blacks, and one I’m forgetting — had to hang out in the fridge.  But today, oh today, they will achieve their destiny and be united with much butter, cinammon, and flour.

Because fall is here, though it feels like winter, and I’m going to a botanical garden tonight despite the frost … and apple crisp just might be the perfect thing to come home to and read with.

Speaking of perfection …


Terra is shaping up nicely.  I love the pattern: it’s so intuitive and only 2 rows of purling (per 10-row repeat) produces a lovely, simple bit of texture.  I’m almost to the lace border, and truly can’t wait to get this off the needles and around my neck.



Happy weekend!


3 thoughts on “get happy!!

  1. swoon. love that terra. very soon, i will be allowed to start. you are affirming the awesomeness that is that shawl. and apples, in crisp form, cannot be beat. glad to hear that things are looking up in november!

  2. So pretty! It looks super cozy, too — perfect for weather that already feels like winter.

    I love apple season! I made a really yummy apple-rhubarb cake recently, and it totally hit the spot.

  3. Great apples, great knitting!
    Those look like wonderful apples, and there is such a world of difference between a good apple and a bad one. THe whole universe seems like a worse place when you bite into a fluffy, tasteless, DUMB apple. (Yes, this happened to me yesterday… sad, sad, sad but at least I made the rest of the bag into baked apple for my porridge so it turned out ok.)
    Here’s to November.
    I don’t believe I’ve ever had apple crisp, although i think it might be similar to our apple crumble. I shall have to wait and see yours!

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