bird by bird

Right now, it’s bird by bird* here.  I’m pretty okay with that.  After all, it seems to work for knitting.  Can you tell the Terra has grown?  Only 20 more rows to the lace …


It’s squishy and wonderful and really the only thing that keeps me in my chair some days.

Inspired by Nadine’s recent peek at her home office, I thought I’d share too.  What you don’t see: the heating pad that is soothing my physical therapy bruises (the bad man found lots of places that hurt … made them feel better by poking really hard, then sent me on my way to await the inevitable = ouch).

bird by bird

Now, back to the next bird.

* If you don’t already know Anne Lamott, her writing is lovely.  Bird by Bird — and, well, Lucky Jim (but that’s another story) — have both gotten me through the tight spots.  Maybe Calvin Trillin and Elizabeth Zimmermann, too.  And countless detective stories.