bird by bird

Right now, it’s bird by bird* here.  I’m pretty okay with that.  After all, it seems to work for knitting.  Can you tell the Terra has grown?  Only 20 more rows to the lace …


It’s squishy and wonderful and really the only thing that keeps me in my chair some days.

Inspired by Nadine’s recent peek at her home office, I thought I’d share too.  What you don’t see: the heating pad that is soothing my physical therapy bruises (the bad man found lots of places that hurt … made them feel better by poking really hard, then sent me on my way to await the inevitable = ouch).

bird by bird

Now, back to the next bird.

* If you don’t already know Anne Lamott, her writing is lovely.  Bird by Bird — and, well, Lucky Jim (but that’s another story) — have both gotten me through the tight spots.  Maybe Calvin Trillin and Elizabeth Zimmermann, too.  And countless detective stories.


9 thoughts on “bird by bird

  1. Your work space is lovely and puts mine to shame! I’ll have to check out Bird by Bird. Thanks for the recommendation!

    Lucky Jim’s a favorite of mine.

  2. wow, love your desk! I’d love to work there… My home office is really just the desk in the living room – I abandoned a permanent workspace at home together with my old desktop PC and keep all of my stuff at my office on campus.

  3. Lovely to see your work space. It looks so … productive! Very organised and yet cosy and comfortable at the same time (and there’s tea!).
    Thanks for the Anne Lamott pointer – I’ve not heard of her so will go and have a find-out.
    Keep on knitting, i want to see the lace!

  4. love this peek at your work are. mine is much darker. and smaller. hence my daydreaming of a little house outside of town…anne lamott is the woman who writes about shitty first drafts, right? i do appreciate that. (revisions abound over here. or will, once i stop reading and start writing/re-writing the sections that need work).

  5. Where did you get such a nice big desk? I’ve been having trouble figuring out where to look. (Though you might say Ikea, and I haven’t thought to look there as I don’t shop there…)

  6. I love little peaks into people’s workplaces. Thanks for sharing yours.

    Hadn’t heard of Anne Lamott before. Might have to go find a book of hers.

  7. Bird by Bird was great and loved that you made a reference to it. I’m reading your Terra posts, thinking about my next shawl project and this might be it.
    On Ravelry you rated it as easy. Really? How about for a non-lace knitter?

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