Lately, I feel like school is seriously interfering with my crafting life.  Blah, blah, dissertation, blah, surprise! exams in January, blah, blah, where’s your proposal?  See what I mean?  It’s all highly disappointing (well, from a crafting perspective; from an academic perspective it’s really quite exciting and motivating and invigorating in that ohmygod-I’m-never-going-to-make-it kind of hyperventilation way).  Even if I do managed to work in a chapter about knitting, well … it’s still only writing about knitting and not actually, um, knitting.

And call me crazy — after all, it’s mid-November and all the fall Nashville can seem to muster is naked trees and 73 degrees — but all I want to do it knit.  Just knit knit knit …


Terra is just zipping along for that reason.  Can I tell you how much I love this pattern?  Lots.  It just makes sense … the perfect kind of almost automatic knitting that I crave at the end of a long day — nice, meditative rows where everything comes together into something beautiful — that still offers just enough interest (look, there’s a purl row!) and attainable milestones (another repeat down!) to keep tedium at bay.  That Mr. Flood.  He sure knows how to write the heck out of a pattern.


The purple also helps.

In other news: how did I miss this?  This being a new online magazine: Knitting Iceland.  Yes, yes I do want to knit Iceland.  Very much.

I also want to knit modernly from the top down: why did I think I wouldn’t like this book?  There is so much prettiness to be had.  Silly Katie.

Finally, I might have just bought two new patterns: cedar leaf shawlette (this one has a shot of actually being completed within my lifetime) and the albers shawl (which will be nice and cozy when hell freezes over and I get it finished).

Right now, I have so many to-knit patterns on my wishlist (cardigans!  shawls!  all of them!!) … I shudder to open my closet of crafty dooooooooom and find all of my works in progress staring back at me with woolly accusing eyes: pocket-less Idlewood, Violet Beauregarde, dreamy mohair wrap (how I want to wear you!  how I dread knitting you!), ugly office socks, a bespoke Selbu Modern

I slept in this morning (really slept in, roll over and OMG it’s 10:30 sleeping in) and it was everything I’d dreamed it could be.  But now I should really get to the coffeeshop and get that presentation under way.  (How YOU doin’, Derrida?)  Nashville has lots of semi-fancy, semi-hipsterish, semi-bougie coffeeshops … and yet, despite my profound wish to be 1000% cooler than I am, I seem to be the most productive at the crappy Starbucks right across from campus.  Why?  Perhaps the stakes are lower at a place so obviously uncool and corporately corrupted.

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  1. i love all of this. especially the blah-blah dissertation stuff, the comment about coffee shops (can we PLEASE have one of your hipster bougie coffee shops? maybe one with good light and food? because we don’t actually have that here. LAME.)

    also, terra. winding yarn if i can finish this stupid section. swoon. and now i’m off to find out if i, too, want to knit iceland.

  2. Let’s knit Iceland, I agree. The site looks great! The blah blah blah is SO true for me too. I just got hit with “surprise! case of the month! except, whoops, we forgot to email it out to you, so it’s turned into case of the week. fun, right? now, stop reading this email and hurry up!”.
    Hope the presentation goes well. The problem with the hipster coffee haunts is that I just can’t keep my eyes off them and their outfits/ haircuts, let alone avoid listening to their conversations. There’s a hilarious London-made video about hipsters called being a d***head’s cool (i know, asterisks are lame, but I don’t want to send the wrong sort of searches this way!). I bet hipsters are the same the world over, if you want a giggle and a 2:43 study break, have a look here:

    http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/being-a-d**kheads-cool (you need to sub the asterisks).

    It absolutely cracks me up. The smallprint beegees comment is probably the best bit.

    Love the look of that top down knitting book too, and also – new Twist Collective this week!!!

  3. Oh, hipsters… such tight jeans, so much facial hair… it all makes for fascinating people watching!

    Right there with you on the blah, blah, blah… Are you really supposed to have a proposal underway if there are exams in Jan.? That seems crazy to me!

    I haven’t been knitting nearly as much as I would like, and I have dreams of busting out my new-ish sewing machine that I can’t be fulfilled until winter break.

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