i make mountains.

micro mountains

Can you tell I’ve got about a thousand other things to do?  Yeah,  that’s why I decided yesterday was the day I would knit many, many micro mountains.  And pretend I could make the semester go away.

micro mountains

It didn’t work.  The semester is still here, but now I’ve got some happy little mountains to line up on my bookcase.

I experimented a bit with different sock yarns and different needle sizes (from US0 to US2) and have to say: the recommended yarn (koigu) really works best.  It probably wouldn’t have to be koigu; I imagine any tightly spun fingering weight would do (I also liked the cherry tree hill supersock).  Other, less tightly spun yarns sometimes produced a slightly floppy mountain.  Never good.

Super cute, super fast, super fun.  What more could you want from a pattern?  They are highly addicitive.  Also, you bet I’ll be passing these out as gifts.

In other knitting news, I finally sewed on the pockets:


Idlewood is done!  Thanks to Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters, I figured out how to do it correctly (guide threads! who knew?), sat down one evening and finished it up.  It was a lot of mattress stitch, but well worth it: neat, secure, and completely cute.  It snowed this morning (scattered flurries predicted for today) and tomorrow is supposed to be wintry, which sounds like a perfect recipe for some wooly handknits.

Which might be why I’m dreaming of a new handknit cardigan?  Ah, to have more time.