i make mountains.

micro mountains

Can you tell I’ve got about a thousand other things to do?  Yeah,  that’s why I decided yesterday was the day I would knit many, many micro mountains.  And pretend I could make the semester go away.

micro mountains

It didn’t work.  The semester is still here, but now I’ve got some happy little mountains to line up on my bookcase.

I experimented a bit with different sock yarns and different needle sizes (from US0 to US2) and have to say: the recommended yarn (koigu) really works best.  It probably wouldn’t have to be koigu; I imagine any tightly spun fingering weight would do (I also liked the cherry tree hill supersock).  Other, less tightly spun yarns sometimes produced a slightly floppy mountain.  Never good.

Super cute, super fast, super fun.  What more could you want from a pattern?  They are highly addicitive.  Also, you bet I’ll be passing these out as gifts.

In other knitting news, I finally sewed on the pockets:


Idlewood is done!  Thanks to Finishing Techniques for Hand Knitters, I figured out how to do it correctly (guide threads! who knew?), sat down one evening and finished it up.  It was a lot of mattress stitch, but well worth it: neat, secure, and completely cute.  It snowed this morning (scattered flurries predicted for today) and tomorrow is supposed to be wintry, which sounds like a perfect recipe for some wooly handknits.

Which might be why I’m dreaming of a new handknit cardigan?  Ah, to have more time.


9 thoughts on “i make mountains.

  1. I cannot believe how much I ADORE those little mountains. I’m checking out my window to my lovely Vancouver BC snow-covered mountains and I think I’m going to try and make some of these little babies!

  2. Those mountains are cute! (I won’t cast on for another project, no I won’t…)! Congrats on your finished Idlewood – and I’m amazed that there could be snow in Nashville; I always thought Tennesse was warm but Wikipedia tought me better! Yay for winter! Sadly, snow’s all melted here for now…:(

  3. Super cute little mountains, and hurray on affixing the pockets. Ah, the end of the quarter, such a dreadful time. The good thing about the end of fall quarter is that Christmas cookies, peppermint mochas, hot cocoa, and other such treats are widely available. Good luck with the end of the quarter! I know that my winter break is going to be filled with work, too, but at least I won’t be going down to campus as often or teaching class.

  4. Those pockets look great – really professional! Definitely the season for woolly knitted items – we even had some snow in London, a real rarity. Hope you’re enjoying some cosy winter knitting weather.

  5. The little mountains are so cute! They would go perfect with the tiny little gnomes and pancakes I want to knit. 😀

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