well on the way


Now that classes are over, grades are calculated, paper written, exam taken … I’ve been devoting quite a bit of time to my lovely Hooray! cardigan.  It’s growing at quite a rapid pace: the cable pattern is easy to memorize, the reverse stockinette a fun bit of texture that requires absolutely no extra effort, the Cascade 220 (golden something heather?) lovely to knit and a dream to spit splice.  Even my gauge is spot on.  Hello, fellow knitter with a wooly death grip.


In fact, I’m in love with all of Veera‘s cardigans: celery, golden wheat, honey, hay; twenty ten; still light (okay, not a cardigan but objectively a very good thing).  I want them all.  Actually, Veera inspires in me the urgent desire to return to the land of (half of) my ancestors.  Seriously, Finland looks like a mighty awesome place for handknits.



That’s all for now.  Today is the day I attempt to get back to work … but really, I’m thinking I might just go hang out at a coffeeshop and see if I can spot Taylor Swift.  (Two of my friends have seen her.  I’ve obviously got to get out more because I’m certainly not going to stop being an incredible dork.)


6 thoughts on “well on the way

  1. Hooray for making it through the end of the semester! The sweater’s looking great.

    Personally I’d be much more excited to see Jake Gyllenhal, who I think is Taylor’s latest squeeze, based on the People magazine I “read” at the salon on Wed. (forgot to bring a book). The one People or Us Weekly I read per year (always at the salon) invariably makes me feel like I live on a different planet from the rest of the country!

  2. katie — hooray! looks incredible. go you. i think i am going to have to make aidez in a golden color. very soon. you know, after i finish the seventymillion cardigans on the needles. i think pretending to read while trying to spot Taylor Swift is a great Friday afternoon plan.

  3. I just got the Still Light tunic as a gift and I can’t wait to cast on! Glad to hear her patterns rock. And also, congrats on being done!

  4. The cables look gorgeous. I really love Cascade 220 and it’s great to know you got gauge since I’m also a death grip knitter. Also, went to look at pattern you’re knitting, that sweater is so pretty. It’s definitely another thing I want to knit!

  5. Your cardigan looks fabulous! I have just finished the collar on my own version, and realise that I don’t know how to read the pattern for the yolk– How did you do the set up row? Without the cable setups, the live stitches = the amount I have now, at the end of the collar, but the set up row seems to call for the cable stitches to be set up as well… ??? Where do these extra stitches come from? Am I crazy? If you can help at all, I would really appreciate it.

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