alice is kinda judgy


Just look at all this Hooray!  It’s just sailing along, and so I quick snapped a picture in the few minutes of morning sunshine that find a way through my window.

There was a brief flirtation this weekend with a beret — in some very lovely (and very neglected) Green Mountain Spinner mountain mohair in partridgeberry (otherwise known as bright cherry red) — but that just didn’t work out.  Gauge was wonky; not to mention that I always forget that a beret in worsted-weight yarn is not exactly a one-evening kind of project.  I was impatient.

So back to my main squeeze of the moment.


Cables!  My only worry is that I will become so mesmerized by the knitting that I will forget to make the cables at appropriate intervals.  It is not complicated.  And yet …


What’s that peeking out from behind?  The London Review of Books, of course — a habit I picked up from the ex, who always had it lying around — which I usually just let collect, unwrapped, into a rickety pile on the table.  Why don’t I read them?  It’s a puzzle I’m trying to put together.  In the meantime, I’m just trying to read some articles, and Jenny Diski is always a good place to start.

alice is kinda judgy

See what I mean?  She’s a little judgy.  And extra fluffy.