alice is kinda judgy


Just look at all this Hooray!  It’s just sailing along, and so I quick snapped a picture in the few minutes of morning sunshine that find a way through my window.

There was a brief flirtation this weekend with a beret — in some very lovely (and very neglected) Green Mountain Spinner mountain mohair in partridgeberry (otherwise known as bright cherry red) — but that just didn’t work out.  Gauge was wonky; not to mention that I always forget that a beret in worsted-weight yarn is not exactly a one-evening kind of project.  I was impatient.

So back to my main squeeze of the moment.


Cables!  My only worry is that I will become so mesmerized by the knitting that I will forget to make the cables at appropriate intervals.  It is not complicated.  And yet …


What’s that peeking out from behind?  The London Review of Books, of course — a habit I picked up from the ex, who always had it lying around — which I usually just let collect, unwrapped, into a rickety pile on the table.  Why don’t I read them?  It’s a puzzle I’m trying to put together.  In the meantime, I’m just trying to read some articles, and Jenny Diski is always a good place to start.

alice is kinda judgy

See what I mean?  She’s a little judgy.  And extra fluffy.


3 thoughts on “alice is kinda judgy

  1. Alice may be kind judgy, but she’s definitely very adorable! That is one cute kitty.

    The cardigan is knitting up beautifully. It reminds me a little bit of Rosamund, but with more flair and shaping! Speaking of which, I should dig out Rosamund again.

  2. Such a pretty picture of Alice! Judgy is a good way to describe that look, Candie gets that look on her face too. Very cute and I always wonder what’s behind that in their kitty minds.

    Really not trying to drive you crazy as I catch up, but I’ve not come upon much that I haven’t wanted to comment on! :p

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