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After a week in the Great Northwest (as we like to call it, or at least as the old Ford commercials used to), it’s back to Nashville for me.  And back to work.  That needs to happen really soon.


First off, how happy was I to be flying to Nashville and not Newark?  Really, really happy.  And that’s despite the five hours I spent in Houston, waiting on the flight crew.  Turns out, five hours in an airport means gossip magazines, beer at Chili’s, and plenty of knitting time.  It was a nice surprise: a few more hours of vacation.

Also, I confirmed that I am still absolutely useless at the Harper’s crossword.  Darn cryptic clues.


What you see here is actually my second attempt at the button band.  I didn’t have a tape measure handy in the airport and so I just kind of guess where I thought 2 1/4 inches might be … then got tired of knitting 2×2 ribbing over so many stitches, convinced myself that I was close enough, and bound off before we landed in Nashville.

I was close (only off about 1/2 inch), but I really do like a deep button band … so I ripped and reknit the last inch or so.  Much better.  Now to bind off and finish the sleeves: then it’s block and wear time.


I tried on the first version when I got home, before the minor frogging and expansion project: it fits! it’s cute! I can’t wait to wear it!  Needless to say, I’m all fired up to try some more cardigans.  This is the next one I’m thinking of tackling: Golden Wheat.  Though I do love the Twenty Ten … perfect for 2011, right?


Speaking of which: Happy New Year!  I hope 2011 brings everyone warmth, wool, happiness, silliness, and all manner of good things!  And new boots.  Those are also very important.


6 thoughts on “back home | back to work

  1. Am I first? Cool!
    The sweater is looking really good. Can’t wait to see it all done up and on you.
    Of the two choices you’re considering next, I favor the Golden Wheat. Maybe because it’s less bulky looking? Anyway that’s just me.
    Happy New Year to you, too!

  2. gorgeous. i might pick golden wheat too. i’m with lisa, can’t wait to see this on. (also, idlewood? don’t you want me to stop pestering to see that?)

    the new year has brought me TWO pairs of boots. the question is really how i’ve survived this long without grown-up leather boots that fit. (the answer? years in the southwest.)

    happy new year to you. and, having spent a few years in a job where i traveled a lot, airport time is definitely for gossip magazines and beer. the work is always there when you get to where you’re going or when you get to your home.

    let me know if you’re interested in some kind of mutual harassment to be productive, as i really need to be during this break. some days are better than others….!

  3. Yes, I think I will get new boots – you read my mind. 🙂 I can’t wait to see this cardigan finished and on! It’s such a great color and I can’t believe you’ve got this finished already. If I were you I would take a few more days of vacation. 😉 Enjoy all your knitting!

  4. I vote Golden Wheat! So pretty, and I love the off-center opening.
    Right back at you re: 2011. I’ve just indulged in two pairs of new boots.

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