happy new year | happy new sleeves


It’s a grey start to the new year here in Nashville, but with just enough light to capture my very boring sleeve progress.  Despite counting incorrectly and placing the decreases not-where-I-thought, total cardigan disaster and utter sleeve catastrophe seem unlikely at this point.  As long as I can duplicate the dumbassery on the other sleeve, of course.

Unfortunately, frantically typing up notes does not leave the hands free for knitting.


I hope you and yours celebrated the New Year in style.  I broke my long-standing tradition of not going out (read: at home with the family) to attend my first New Year’s party since 1989: there was friends, food, and lots of bubbly wine.  Which is my idea of a perfect evening.

Now, to find more knitting time in 2011.


3 thoughts on “happy new year | happy new sleeves

  1. Hurray for sleeves and 2011! Looks like you’ll be wearing that sweater in no time.

    My friend made the most amazing champagne berry punch last night. Now that’s a good way to celebrate the new year!

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