sunshine & sleeves

sunshine & sleeves

Sleeve number two is in progress … and trucking right along.  I’m ignoring the fact that my decreases are off by one stitch, that I somehow managed to switch from a seven-stitch interval to an eight-stitch interval and then back again … and that I might have forgotten what needles I was using and knit the first half of the button band on a smaller size.

It all just adds to that handknit charm.  And no one else will ever notice.

sunshine & sleeves

sunshine & sleeves

I also woke up yesterday with a cold.  Sigh.  It is both completely predictable and totally bad timing: yesterday was spent with Theraflu and Baroque poetry.  Today, I hope to move on to Theraflu and the 18th century.  Exams: I want you finished soon.

At least I’ll be writing in my new cardigan …


2 thoughts on “sunshine & sleeves

  1. that sleeve is sooo pretty. and boo to that head cold, but at least you have theraflu. magic in a mug, i think. good luck with the 18th century.

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