red buttons!

red buttons!

Red buttons!

In between taking notes on books I’ve read — or imagined I’ve read — from the 18th century (a good century for German literature, all things considered … you know, what with Goethe and Schiller and then the whole Romanticism thing), I finished up the second sleeve and got to the blocking.

red buttons!

This morning, I tackled the buttons.  I do not like sewing on buttons, but I do like wearing new cardigans … so after a quick pro/ con list, I got busy.  The red made it more enjoyable, of course.

red buttons!

Now, I’ve got to get back to the 18th century.  In my new cardigan, of course.

Details and a modeled shot soon!


6 thoughts on “red buttons!

  1. swoon. those cables! that stitch definition! and everything is better with red buttons. hooray for a new year and a new cardigan.

  2. This is gonna be FANTASTIC.
    I happen to adore those cables – horseshoe? They are the same ones that appear on the Bella Mittens. One of my favorite cable motifs ever.
    And the red buttons – pure genius.

  3. I’m a big fan of Goethe and Schiller now actually. Don Karlos has become my favorite play ever. And obviously the buttons are a great choice!

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