curses on my dark apartment

red boots!

This is the best I could do with an auto-timer and a dark day in Nashville.  I love the cardigan, though, and have worn it for the past couple of days straight.  It’s a perfect weight for Nashville: the wool makes it warm but the shorter sleeves and open front make it very wearable in relatively mild weather.  Cascade 220 is the best, as far as I’m concerned: no pilling yet (and I’ve been wearing the heck out this cardigan), great stitch definition, minimal stretching.  And it’s affordable.  In a million colors.

I’ll count my ball bands and put the details up on Ravelry soon.

I’m also attempting the Rooster’s strategy today: fake it to make it.  As I understand it, awesome boots are essential.  So since these new red ones (on sale!) arrived yesterday, it seemed a shame to leave them in the box.  And with a head cold that won’t quit, getting out of the house was my only option for getting anything done.

red boots!

What do you think, dear internet?  Do these make me look stumpy?  I love them and will be keeping them (so comfy for walking!), but I nonetheless suspect that they bring out the stump.  Not that it takes much.