curses on my dark apartment

red boots!

This is the best I could do with an auto-timer and a dark day in Nashville.  I love the cardigan, though, and have worn it for the past couple of days straight.  It’s a perfect weight for Nashville: the wool makes it warm but the shorter sleeves and open front make it very wearable in relatively mild weather.  Cascade 220 is the best, as far as I’m concerned: no pilling yet (and I’ve been wearing the heck out this cardigan), great stitch definition, minimal stretching.  And it’s affordable.  In a million colors.

I’ll count my ball bands and put the details up on Ravelry soon.

I’m also attempting the Rooster’s strategy today: fake it to make it.  As I understand it, awesome boots are essential.  So since these new red ones (on sale!) arrived yesterday, it seemed a shame to leave them in the box.  And with a head cold that won’t quit, getting out of the house was my only option for getting anything done.

red boots!

What do you think, dear internet?  Do these make me look stumpy?  I love them and will be keeping them (so comfy for walking!), but I nonetheless suspect that they bring out the stump.  Not that it takes much.


17 thoughts on “curses on my dark apartment

  1. love it all. the boots are exactly what i imagine hip grad students wear. and i love that we get to see a bit more of your adorable apartment!

  2. Love all the colors period. Your sweater is very pretty! The color of Cascade 220 you used is great, it looks like it will go everything. And the red boots are so awesome! I’ve been wanting boots the last few winters. I’m so short I worry about looking stumpy. You don’t, you look good in the boots. And the colors your apartment still pop even with the gray winter day.

  3. Two thumbs up! Out of curiosity, what kind of boots are they? They’re really hip and cute. I got some that height in black and I’ve been wearing them with rolled up jeans. You inspire me to try skirts too. It’s not stumpy at all.

  4. No stump! Those boots are killer as is the Hooray sweater. The red buttons add that extra something something!

  5. Wow, nice job! I’m knitting this sweater right now too. I’m also using cascade 220. I hope mine turns out as gorgeous as yours.

  6. Absolutely no stumpiness. Unless you are a size 10, then they look terrible and you should send them to me right away. 🙂

  7. It’s so cute! Wow, it only took a short time to get a great new winter wardrobe staple. 🙂 And yes, the boots really do look good. I love red shoes. And I’m starting to love boots as well. You look like you’re making it to me!

  8. Hooray turned out so beautifully! I love it! Now I want to cast on for one, too. 🙂 Cascade 220 rocks.

    The red boots are very cute, and I like them paired with the skirt and tights.

  9. I love your cardigan. Beautiful! I was admiring a similar style one that a coworker was wearing yesterday. I live in Georgia and I agree that these are the perfect sweaters for the South.

    As far as the boots, I’m shoe-challenged and don’t feel comfortable inflicting my shoe ignorance on others! But if you love them and they’re comfortable then who cares? 🙂

  10. Awesome boots and beautiful sweater! I love your sense of fashion, it’s the perfect mix of funky, stylish, and quirk. I’m boring in comparison. I reorg’d my closet and found that I have all brown and black shoes, and one pair of red flats that I bought months ago and have only worn once because I don’t think they GO with anything. Maybe they go with more than I think!

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