… it’s slow.

I’m furiously trying to make my way through mountains of books, letters, short stories, poems, notes, summaries, essays, criticism in a (seemingly futile) attempt to get ready for my exams.  In two weeks.

So I’ve put selbu two on hold for the moment in favor of something less demanding: twenty eleven, version two; or, starting over with a tighter gauge.

twenty eleven

So far, it seems to be working.  Switching to US7/4.5mm needles was a wise choice.  Maybe I’m finally learning that if something seems wrong, it probably is?

As for mods, I decided to stick with straight ahead stockinette instead of moss stitch.  Not only do I find moss stitch impossibly tedious, no matter how good it looks, but it would certainly interfere with my ability to knit while reviewing.

Stockinette it is.  And I’m quite excited about the possibility of a not-so-basic black cardigan to add to my handknit collection.

twenty eleven

twenty eleven

Today, we woke up to snow.  That’s how Nashville spells adventure — and everything closed — so plans to walk to the library have been replaced by plans to stay in my pajamas.  Alice is not complaining.  That look of extreme concentration is brought to you by all of the hungry birds at the feeder.

bird friends!

Now for more coffee and Romanticism!


5 thoughts on “progress

  1. this is going to be awesome. (i’m jealous that you can knit while reviewing. i haven’t mastered that yet!) hooray for snow days, pjs, and birds at the feeder. soon i will pick up my plain and simple pullover and join you in veera-knitting-awesomeness.

  2. I like the yarn you’re using for your Twenty Ten. And yay for staying in with coffee and pajamas all day!

    As I’ve been catching up and then trying to stay caught up on blogreading, I’ve noticed in a few of your pictures the Pi that Alice is sitting on. I realized awhile back that your Pi shawl is probably why mine seemed so *familiar* (ha!). It’s one of the things I need to blog. You’ll see what I mean.

  3. Love the colour! After I frogged my Twentyten I thought about using a non-bulky yarn but until now I’ve avoided doing the math… Happy knitting!

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