So, can we talk about how much I love the short-row set-in sleeve?

twenty eleven

A lot.  That’s how much.  It’s just so darn elegant: knit the arm opening, join the shoulders, pick up stitches and start shaping.  Before you know it, boom!, sleeve cap without any awkward easing-in seaming, impossibly long yoke rounds, or sleeves to finish and join.  It just makes sense, you know?

And now I plan on using it as much as possible.

twenty eleven

For the twenty eleven, I thought about knitting extra-long extra-cozy sleeves … then I remembered that I live in Nashville and, realistically, wool cardigan weather isn’t going to be around much longer.  3/4 sleeves just work so much better here.

And speaking of things working out, as of yesterday afternoon my written exams are over!  It is a glorious feeling, no less glorious than it was 5 years ago … and the prospect of a whole weekend off: oh my, it’s heaven.

My goals: sleep and anything I want to do, including finish this cardigan.


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  1. Hooray!!! It must feel amazing to be done with exams. The sweater’s looking great, and I’m very intrigued by the idea of a short-row set-in sleeve.

    Enjoy the weekend!

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