a tale of two sleeves

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


I should really save the title for when I have a pair of sleeves with a story (preferably set during the French Revolution), but sleeves — even when going well — do tend to feel like the best and worst of (knitting) times: close enough for sleeves/ the sleeves still to knit.


So, yes, I’ve reached the sleeves on my latest attempt at OWLS.  They might be dragging.


Here’s yesterday’s progress: I finished up sleeve the first, quickly abandoning — yet again — the extra-long, extra-cozy version I thought I wanted for a three-quarter/ bracelet length.  Really, it’s just so much more pratical in the south.  Especially with spring almost here.  (No, really.)

So I’m rushing to get the sleeves done, move onto the yoke and all of those owls.  If only school work weren’t interfering.  As usual.


5 thoughts on “a tale of two sleeves

  1. i’m so with you. school really needs to stop getting in the way of knitting. i love the natural ecowool — and i think bracelet length makes lots of sense. can’t wait to see the owls begin to take shape. happy sunday!

  2. All that darned schoolwork most definitely gets in the way of my knitting time, too! You’re moving along super quickly on this one. Can’t wait to see the little cabled owls emerge. 🙂

  3. So, we’re getting another dumping of 12, maybe 15″ of snow between today and tomorrow morning. That comment about spring almost being here? Pleeeeeease come here, too. I am thinking about making OWLS as well, with 3/4-length sleeves. It’s practical everywhere, since it seems to me that if you live somewhere very cold, everyone turns up their heat way too high. How am I supposed to wear my beautiful handknit sweaters, I ask you.

  4. Spring!! What! There is no sign of spring here. This is looking great, cannot wait to see the owls. And yes work/schoolwork is definitely annoying and getting in the way of a lot of things!

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