Yesterday was one of those days.  Grey, rainy, and cold — I didn’t want to leave the house, let alone venture out to a coffee shop where I’d have a fighting chance of getting some work done.  So yesterday was devoted to internet television and baby knits.  It did kinda feel like giving up, though.


I finished up the body and cast on for the sleeve.  As you might have noticed, I knit this in the round instead of “on two needles” as suggested by the pattern.  It just seemed like simpler way to go, especially since I wanted to avoid all that seaming up and matching stripes.  So far, the yarn has been cooperative, stipes have marched along in their appointed order … with only one more sleeve to go, I’m hoping the luck holds.

[ETA: oops!  I never did mention what pattern I’m knitting (it was obvious enough to me after all): EZ’s superlative February baby sweater.  Since the stripes were providing quite enough interest, I went with plain stockinette over the gull pattern.  Modified to knit in the round — instead of flat, which is more interesting from a construction point of view, but also requires more finishing — with only 6 buttons (chubby tummies should be available for tickling at all times), it really flies off the needles.]

In other news, I’ve got a wedding shawl to plan.


Right now, Rock Island is the frontrunner.  At first, I was ready to make the plunge and almost bought some lovely madelinetosh to try out, but then … the cat fountain broke and Alice has been a Somewhat Unhappy Kitty, so … that’s where the yarn budget is going this month.  Luckily, the stash is expansive and varied.

This purple laceweight looks like it might just get the job done.  Cat foundtain included.


And now, back to work.  The sun is out and it’s time to get busy.


5 thoughts on “sigh.

  1. What baby sweater pattern are you using? I love the look of it, especially with the Boku yarn; you’ve got me thinking about using some for babies and I never thought of it before now. Thanks!

  2. those colors are so happy! i might want a rooster-sized sweater of stripes…
    i hear you on getting to work. must_keep_going. we can do it!

  3. Cute little sweater, and it sounds like a one-day break was much-deserved. Congrats on all the recent accomplishments! 🙂

  4. I’m making a wedding shawl, too! I was looking to do an EZ Pi shawl, but my fiance loved the look of Rock Island. And, well, it’s her shawl.
    I cast on a few days ago, and I’m really liking it. Hope you do, too!

  5. The baby sweater is looking cute so far. Crossing my fingers for stress free striping.

    Let’s hear it for an expansive yarn stash. And cat fountains?

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