i finally bought some coffee.

That’s the good news.  It had been a very sad coffee-less existence around here … all because I was
alternately too busy or too lazy or too reluctant to sit in traffic to get to the grocery store.  So dining hall coffee it was.

Dining hall coffee is not happy coffee.

Rainbow baby sweaters, however, are very happy.

stripes are nice

Very happy, indeed.  I finished up the sleeves last weekend, and now it’s just waiting for blocking and buttons.  The rainbow Boku is so cheery — I just hope the weather doesn’t turn too warm too quickly for this to get at least a little bit of use.

So I should probably get on those buttons.

stripes are nice

stripes are nice

My other project at the moment is a wedding shawl.  I love knitting wedding shawls — and this one looks like it will be no exception.  For a while, I was thinking of going the Rock Island route, but then after some further consideration, I decided that Trousseau was just too perfect to pass up.  I mean, trousseau?  Perfect.

And this Sundara silky merino (in orchid) is beyond magical.  So soft and silky.  And I think the color — pinky lavender purple — will be a nice contrast to the bride’s blue shoes.  Practical lady that she is, the color is also just neutral enough to work with a lot of different wardrobe staples … at least, that’s my hope.

silky magic

silky magic

Finally, we’re obviously a wool-loving household around here.  It still tickles me that Alice loves her kitty Kureyon blanket.  Obviously the perfect spot for a morning bath.


And now, time to get back to work.  The semester is almost over and I think I might just make it.  There’s a lot to be done this summer …


4 thoughts on “i finally bought some coffee.

  1. You will make it! I am sitting here drinking library coffee. Which I’m pretty sure trumps dining hall coffee. I’m glad you have coffee again. Thanks for sharing more pictures of that super bright baby sweater on this very grey day. Back to it! (And for Alice: Boh says hi. And is now jealous of your blanket…)

  2. Gorgeous baby sweater; I tell you, it’s really been working on me, the idea of using that type of yarn for my next baby sweater project, I love yours so much!! Cute cat rug too, I have to share that one with my daughter!

  3. Cute baby sweater. Cute buttons are definitely in order.

    Oddly enough, wedding shawl have also been a topic of discussion at my house. Haven’t quite to the knitting part though.

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