Finally– greetings from London!  It’s a bit early here and I’m not quite ready to go, but papers (and letters and documents, oh my!)  await!  The library is very swanky, very centrally located, and has pretty comfy chairs.  Their scanner is amazing.  I haven’t ruined anything yet, which is always my fear when working with old stuff.

London is wonderful, though I have seen very very little of it.  Though I do feel master of the few blocks I wander with regularity.

As for knitting, there hasn’t been much to see.  Just a few more stripes …

more stripes

more stripes

I try to fit in a row here and there, at lunch or whenever.  Makes for slow progress.

Part of last week’s wandering brought me to a very packed used book store where I found some very pretty books.  I didn’t realize I had an interest in gardening (or reading about gardening), but one never knows …

pretty books


5 thoughts on “stripes!

  1. lovely. and i’m with you on being afraid to ruin things. i looked at so much that was crumbling last week, which meant i was asking for one of those foam don’t-break-the-book-binding things each day. sigh. hooray for scanners and comfy chairs!

  2. Hello to London! For a second I thought the pic shows your second Stripe Study because it no longer looks pink/yellow but purple/orange. Must be the light! If not, we can use our shawls as a signal in Berlin because mine is orange/purple in reverse 😉
    I have one of this Penguin series and enjoyed it very much (Through England on a side – saddle) and there’s a new series about food, recepies etc out now which is equally great and pretty. Looking forward to Berlin !

  3. I am giggling just a little bit that the first things you have to say about London is that the library has comfy chairs and an amazing scanner. Obviously, those are the important things. (And yes, I’d be impressed by them as well!) I do hope you get more of a chance to see London sometime soon, but in the meantime keep on not ruining things. 😉

  4. I didn’t really get the Lakers reference the first time around, because it did look so much pinker in the last photo, but I think it’s still looking pretty. And speaking of pretty, those book covers are so pretty it would be hard not to have an interest in whatever is inside them. Happy researching!

  5. Hope you have a fun and productive time in London!

    Good luck with your research and the odd rows on the stripe study. My progress on my Daybreak shawl has been exactly the same way.

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