it’s been awhile. again.

To be completely honest, there hasn’t been a ton of knitting done while in London.  I’ve completed almost all the recommended stripes of Different Lines and it looks like I’ll have enough yarn to add one or two more … but that’s about it, really.

This head cold/ allergies/ unholy congestion congress hasn’t really helped.  I spent the weekend pretty much in bed, after dutifully trucking to the library for a few hours on Saturday.

So …. let’s talk about last weekend.  Last weekend was glorious: bright sunshine, warm temperatures — perfect for a pleasant wander about a neighborhood literally right around the corner.

stoke newington

A parish church, just down the street.

stoke newington

And a bag capable of holding all kinds of things — including a new book from the bookshop and all kinds of other wandering necessities.

Then a very pleasant walk through the Abney Park Cemetery.  I was afraid it might be kind of creepy, but acutally it was a very relaxing and peaceful ramble.

stoke newington

stoke newington

stoke newington

stoke newington

stoke newington

More soon.


3 thoughts on “it’s been awhile. again.

  1. these pictures are gorgeous. (and i’m sitting here alternating sneezing with sipping coffee, so i hear you on the head cold/allergy stuff. boo.) and hooray for a bag that holds all that you want to carry!

  2. The cemetery looks so verdant and peaceful! What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! I find it difficult even to *think* straight when my allergies hit (especially if I’m taking allergy meds, which lessen the symptoms, but either make me hyper and crazy or cast a zombie-like trance over me).

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