Well, hello there.  Two in a row.  Don’t get used to it, that’s all I’ve got to say.

more stripes

Last week, before the cold set in, I had the chance to celebrate Friday with a lovely walk along the South Bank in the sunshine with the GreenPea.  She was a fabulous guide to a part of town I most likely wouldn’t have visited otherwise: pointing out all the interesting sights across bridges, museums, and the throngs of people out enjoying the weather with us.  We finished up with elderflower cordials (also new to me and very yummy) at a cozy bar with flocked wall paper and cushy seats.  It was a wonderful afternoon out.  Thanks, Pea!

more stripes

As you see, despite the afternoons out and about and the cold, I finally managed to photograph a little knitting progress.  As you might also see, conditions were not ideal: it was later in the evening, light was fading, and this apartment — though safe, quiet, convenient, and comfy — has a pronounced lack of blue IKEA tables.  So I went with dim light and a white background.

The photos are decidedly blurry.

more stripes

more stripes

But sweet relief!  I’m almost there … or very, very close to almost there.  What you see is stripe number 14 in progress.  The rows are long and knitting back across the wrap and turn is — I won’t lie — a little tedious at this point.  But I’m close enough to the end that I’m hanging on.

more stripes

And it does indeed look like I’ll have enough yarn for maybe one or two more stripes.  Maybe?  I went with Malabrigo lace (not sock), but on US9 needles — it’s making a really lovely open fabric that is super light and so, so soft.  I kind of want to only use Malabrigo lace for every project from now on forever.  Or something like that.  I can certainly see on or two of those wispy, breezy, lacey cardigans in my future.


3 thoughts on “knitting!

  1. I´m knitting the same thing right now – I am at the 12th wedge and I am still not bored with it. I can´t wait to see it finished!

    Even though I love my choises of colours, I must admit, I like yours better. There is just something about the mix of purple and yellow/orange, that captures and entise the eyes.


  2. Glad to hear that your having a good time and getting some knitting done on top of it all.

    Your stripe study makes me want to drop everything and cast on for one right now. If only the other color I need. Blast.

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