on the go

.. on the move.

It’s weird.  I really hate traveling, the actual to-ing and fro-ing and getting to that new place.  Once I’m there and arrived I can relax a bit, do a little knitting, and not worry so much about the fact that I spend most of my time somewhat lost.

more stripes

Stage 2 of the research adventure begins today and, well, let’s just say I haven’t gotten enough sleep.  Somehow my irrational fear is always, always, ALWAYS that my bags (why am I one of those “just-in-case” travelers?) will not only 1) cause a huge hassle on public transportation, but that they will 2) be refused passage.  Like that time in Switzerland where after many calls to the airline, confirming appropriate allowed on-board cat kennel size, the lady just looked at what I had (with Alice inside) and said, “No, it’s too big.  We never allow anything that big.”  Um.  Keep in mind this was smaller than many backpacks, not to mention smaller than many cats.

At those moments all I want to do is cry.  And I am not a crier.  It’s just the pure arbitrary power of the airline.

So, that’s it really.  I hope to get back to the knitting soon — as you can see, not much progress to report.  Maybe this morning, at the airport?  It will soothe my nerves.


5 thoughts on “on the go

  1. wishing you uneventful airport/airplane experiences — and that all bags, Alice-sized and otherwise, are granted safe passage!

  2. I’m right there with you on the airport crying. I’ve never traveled with our cat for exactly that reason, and because I find it so stressful just traveling with myself and one (inanimate) bag. Hope you have uneventful travels!

  3. Plus European airplanes are more confusing when you’re used to American airplanes and procedures, since they’re all different. Good luck!

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