goodbye, Berlin


So this has pretty much been my view while in Berlin.  I would have posted some photos of the bonkers contents — including the crazy, possibly evil, certainly prize-winning clown — but I had to sign some scary German document wherein I promised to use the photos for private research only … so I don’t think putting them on the internet would be a good idea.

In any case, I went out with a bang.  Or, rather … um, with a sail?  I met up with a friend and our luxurious coffee (somewhere fancy with a real live German movie star whom I did not recognize) turned into a sailing trip.  I know!  So here’s where I spent the evening:


Beautiful!  The Wannsee was perfect for a very adventure-adverse beginner: very very little wind, no waves, no rain, nothing too strenuous, just a nice hour or so floating around.  Afterwards, we ate an obscene amount of pizza and drank some schnapps.  So, yeah, a good end to the trip.  Which also began with a bang …



3 thoughts on “goodbye, Berlin

  1. That was my reasoning exactly for only posting the outsides of books a few weeks back. These are lovely! And oooh, sailing! Safe travels home!

  2. I read “Strickerei” at first and was wondering when you were going to tell us that you were researching foreign knitting. Yeah. That was smart. Then I read the rest and realized it didn’t make sense and read it again. Anyway, Berlin is such a great place to have adventures. 🙂

  3. Sounds pretty awesome. An obscene amount of pizza sounds like a perfect end. I could go for some right now actually…

    Hope you have a safe trip back!

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