finish line!


So this blog and I are starting to feel like ships that pass in the night.  I’m going to work on fixing that over the course of the summer.

The good news: I haven’t quit knitting!  See the evidence above: a very large, very finished Different Lines shawl/scarf (scharf, if you will).  I was determined to use up as much of the Malabrigo lace as possible, which meant I added a couple of stipes and more contrast border.  It is gigantic, just the way I like it.  And so airy and light.

It kind of reminds me of Buster and Lucille II: “I know she’s a brown area, with points, and I love her.”


My sister and her boyfriend were just here in Nashville visiting and we did the town: Country Music Hall of Fame, Hatch Show Print, hot chicken, honky tonkin’, brewery tour, and all kinds of highjinx.  We also spent a lot of time just hanging out and crafting.  (The boyfriend’s craft happened to be playing Angry Birds, but, well … there was lots of crafting while he played.)

I love seeing my sister because we always have so much fun together.  This time was no exception — and we both ended up much farther along with our respective fiber projects (she crochets).  Pretty win-win.


Needless to say, I can’t wait for fall to wear this.  It drapes in a very natural, practical way that I think will mean this shawl might become a favorite.  The colors are awesome — I’m glad I went with the super soft yarn in the super vibrant colors.


And now after an early summer of adventure, hometown fun, and meeting up with some great knitters, it’s time to get down to work.   Hello, dissertation.

Happy 4th to those celebrating or just enjoying the holiday weekend!